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Welcome to South County REFLEXOLOGY'S 300 Hour Integrative Reflexology Course


Limited Space, Optimal Learning, Engaging, and Success!  Register Today! 

Nationally Approved Curriculum 

Course Title:

South County REFLEXOLOGY ~ 300 Hour Integrative Reflexology Course



Claudia Wojcik, NCREd, ARCB, E-RYT, RM, CTST, CWR


Contact Information: 



Course Description:

This course is designed to give you the confidence and knowledge to be a successful Reflexologist.  We will cover in depth, what reflexology is, the terminology used, anatomy, physiology, pathology, indications, contraindications, business management, research opportunities and more!  Upon completion of certification, you will feel confident and comfortable to begin practicing immediately, whether that is joining a practice or starting your own business. 



Course Objective:

Upon Completion Students will have the confidence and knowledge to demonstrate the following:

  • Demonstrate basic understanding for reflexology, anatomy, reflexology theory and history.

  • Perform basic reflexology assessments and practice in a timely and a professional manner.

  • Demonstrate and practice appropriate self-care and hygiene practices.

  • Demonstrate professional and ethical practitioner practices.

  • Demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking for issues presented by client.

  • Demonstrate safety, indications, and contraindications in a professional manner.

  • Professional practice/business management, documentation, and research.

  • Professional associations.


Course Activities: 

The Methodology used during this course include, lecture, discussion, demonstration, hands on practices, in-class video, drawing, projector/slides, guest reflexologist, guest speakers and guest clients.  Optional Field Trip to URI – Cadaver Study and more.



(October schedule will be posted soon, please check back.)

Week 1:  Saturday 1/14/23 ~ 9am -5pm  + Sunday 1/15/23 ~ 9am – 1pm

Week 2:  Saturday 1/28/23 ~ 9am -5pm + Sunday 1/29/23 ~ 9am – 1pm 

Week 3:  Saturday 2/11/23 ~ 9am -5pm + Sunday 2/12/23  ~ 9am – 1pm         

Week 4:  Saturday 2/25/23 ~ 9am -5pm + Sunday 2/26/23  ~ 9am – 1pm                

Week 5:  Saturday 3/11/23 ~ 9am -5pm + Sunday 3/12/23   ~ 9am – 1pm        

Week 6:  Saturday 3/25/23 ~ 9am -5pm + Sunday 3/26/23  ~ 9am – 1pm          

Week 7:  Saturday 4/8/23 ~ 9am -5pm + Sunday 4/9/23 ~Easter - off**

Week 8:  Saturday 4/22/23 ~ 9am -5pm+ Sunday 4/23/23 ~ 9am – 5pm **  

Week 9: Saturday 5/6/23 ~ 9am -5pm + Sunday 5/7/23 ~ 9am – 1pm         

Week 10:  Saturday 5/20/23 ~ 9am -5pm + Sunday 5/21/23 ~ 9am – 1pm 

Week 11:  Saturday 6/3/23 ~ 9am -5pm + Sunday 6/4/23  ~ 9am – 3pm**            

Week 12:  Saturday 6/17/23 ~ 9am -5pm + Sunday 6/18/23 ~ 9am – 3pm**

Week 13: Saturday 7/1/23 ~ 9am -5pm                                       

South County REFLEXOLOGY'S STUDENT AND FORUM PAGE are PASSWORD PROTECTED, once registered you will receive a Welcome Packet with details on your course and will have FULL ACCESS.


Limited Space, Optimal Learning, Engaging, and Success!  Register Today! 

This 300 Hour Integrative Reflexology Course is Inspired by and Dedicated to Elysia Bates, NBCR, AAEd.

It was always extra special with Elysia, she shared her wisdom and knowledge not just in Reflexology but also in Life.

May your teachings, words, and legacy live on forever!  In Loving Kindness ~

Nationally Approved Curriculum 

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